Host an Event

The individually hosted Events are the backbone of the Kilt Con concept. We like to think of it as being similar to the way the individual clans make up the whole of Scotland. A hosted Event can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it. While there are no “official” rules for hosting a Kilt Con Event, we do have a few “strong suggestions:”


Kilt Con Events Should Be Centered Around Wearing The Kilt

If there is any one mandatory rule for Kilt Con Events, it is this one. Why have a Kilt Con Event if you aren’t going to celebrate kilts, right? So, break out the kilts, people! Now, how you do that is completely at your own discretion. Traditional, contemporary, tartan, utility, punk, fashion, fantasy, leather, hey, it’s all up to your Event. How you create your Kilt Con celebration is up to your creative vision.

Kilt Con Events Should Be In A Public Location

We strongly discourage private Events and locations for Kilt Con. The entire purpose for Kilt Con is to bring more attention and visibility to wearing the kilt and a private Event limits this potential. While we understand the possible need for a “closed” or “invitation only” Event, we suggest all Events be held in a public location such as pub, theatre, fair grounds, club, ball room or meeting hall.

How To Host A Kilt Con Event

We specifically created the Kilt Con hosting concept with the idea of simplicity. We don’t want the Events to be a financial, or time drain on anyone. Here are some suggestions for creating a Kilt Con Event of your own:


Secure A Location

Step one in hosting a Kilt Con Event is to secure a location. If you are a pub owner or manager, you’re on your way. If not, talk to your local pub (Scottish, Irish or Celtic is ideal) about letting you host the Event at their location. If you keep it an open Event, allowing walk-in traffic, you may not have to pay any type of rental fee. Just tell them you’re bringing in several kilted people to enjoy fellowship and to sample their beverage menu. Most pub managers will be enthusiastic and encouraging. Ask about all establishment policies and follow them carefully. Respect your venue!

We suggest your Event be accessible and open to the general public. While we expect a “Kilt-Wearing Strongly Encouraged” policy, not everyone owns a kilt and allowing those people to party along with the kilties may be the very thing that inspires them to purchase their first kilt. You and your kilted friends may be the first kilted people some of your guests have ever seen up close and personal. Having said that, Kilt Con Event organizers who do not wear a kilt to their own Event deserve what William Wallace got at the end of Braveheart.

Work With A Team

It’s possible to create a small Event by yourself but it can be helpful to bring a team to help coordinate your Event and activities. Each person on your team should kilt up and welcome the Event guests on the day of the Event.

Create an Event Concept and Name.

Kilt Con Events should have unique personalities and can be as small and laid-back or as big and elaborate as the planners want. Individual Kilt Con Events may develop a reputation over time for being a wild party Event or a place where you can wear your Prince Charlie and light up a pipe. Your celebration is your creation. Decide on a concept and a theme and go wild! There is room for every type of Event.

Some Kilt Con Events may choose to bring in entertainment such as bagpipers, bands or even fire jugglers on unicycles. We encourage entertainment of some sort at your Event, even if it’s your cousin playing “I Would Walk 5000 Miles…” on a banjo (we won’t judge). Make it fun for your Event attendants. Ultimately, however, all that is needed is a place to wear kilts, and have a great time hanging out together.

Another foundation of the Kilt Con concept is the connection with individual Events. We encourage the use of social media and the internet to connect with each other and share your Kilt Con Events with the global kilt community. How you do that is up to you and it can be as basic as sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter to live broadcasting on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope or other applications. Create a podcast or release a 15 second video. The idea is to connect with the whole. Let us all know what’s going on in your Kilt Con Event!

We encourage individual Kilt Con Events to choose a name that will represent your celebration. The name is up to you. Examples are: “Kilt Con Guinness Guzzlers,” “Kilt Con Rhode Island Raiders,” and “Kilt Con Treasures in Tartans.” Your name is completely up to you and should encapsulate your Kilt Con Event concept to the public. It’s another little tip of the hat to the Scottish clan structure.

Start a Facebook or Other Social Media Event Page.

Once you secure your location, begin promoting your Event. Set up a Facebook Event for your individual Kilt Con Event so the people in your community can start signing up. You may also choose to promote your Kilt Con Event through other social media outlets.

Notify Us

To be listed on the Kilt Con website as an Official Kilt Con Event, contact us with your location and Event information. We’ll add you to our map of Kilt Con Events so people can find you. Make sure you send us your Kilt Con Event name, the venue name and the venue address. Only “Official” Kilt Con Events will be listed on the Kilt Con website.

All Kilt Con Events are completely autonomous Events and while we are happy to bring attention to your Event, it is impossible for us to confirm and endorse every Kilt Con Event. Attendants should research an Event before attending and attend at their own discretion.

Contact Media

Additional promotion for your Kilt Con Event can be earned through media promotion. Send your local media a press release. Make sure your Event is listed in the calendar section of local publications. Additionally, posters, postcards or other promotional items can be produced depending upon your individual Event’s needs or budget. Your venue manager should be encouraged to do in house promotion.

Charging Admission

We prefer Kilt Con Events to be Free Admission to all guests. As stated previously, it is our intention for Kilt Con to include as many people as possible and introduce everyone to the kilt and kilt wearers. However, we understand that some of the larger Kilt Con Events will have entertainment, promotion and venue rental expenses that may need to be met with an admission fee. While we would suggest you consider a “donation” method first, to charge admission is a decision left to each individual Kilt Con Event (Keep in mind a neighboring Kilt Con Event that is free could draw people from your Kilt Con Event who may not want to pay an admission.)

If an admission charge is established, please understand that, for legal reasons, you may not use the name “Kilt Con” in any licensing, permit, taxes or business forms. While you may still use the name “Kilt Con” in your Event name, you must use your own business name for your official business dealings (i.e. “XXXY Promotions,” “Jonestown Burns Society,” etc.) We cannot and do not allow the name “Kilt Con” to be used for private business identification.


All fees, licensing, permits, expenses, and legal responsibilities are those of the individual Event hosts. The name “Kilt Con” may not be used for private business identification.


All of your hard work has paid off and it’s now time to enjoy your Kilt Con Event! Strap on your kilts, open the doors and greet your public! Have a cold one and connect with us so we can see what’s going on at your Kilt Con Event!